Marriage Fraud

What is marriage fraud?

It is possible that, as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may have met someone from another country online or while travelling. Some people consider marriage to a Canadian citizen to be their “golden ticket” to Canada. In this scenario, the person living outside Canada enters into a fake marriage and asks their spouse to sponsor them into Canada. After completing the sponsorship and receiving their PR (Permanent Resident) card, the spouse lives for the required period of 2 years with their partner and then files for a divorce.

In a scenario like this, the marriage is not genuine and the sponsor is used only to gain entry into Canada. Often, the sponsor is unaware that their partner abroad has only entered into the marriage for immigration and Permanent Residency in Canada.

According to the Government of Canada website, some common reasons to think carefully before getting married to someone and sponsoring them to come to Canada are:

  • You just met
  • They want to get married quickly
  • They have already been married several times
  • They haven’t shared much information about their background or family

What happens next?

Using the above scenario, there are several obligations the sponsor is responsible for. You will have to financially support your spouse for the required number of years, regardless of whether the marriage fails or not. You will also have to reimburse social assistance payments from the government, if your spouse has received such benefits. You will not be able to sponsor anyone else until the debt is fully paid.

Speak with a marriage fraud lawyer

It is important to exercise caution if you are considering marrying someone from abroad and sponsoring them. Contact a marriage fraud lawyer today and learn about your rights, how to spot marriage fraud, and how to prevent it. Our family-first team of lawyers at KDK Legal are ready to help you. You can reach us at (306) 546-4444 or book a free consultation.


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