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What is an International Marriage?

When you get married in a foreign country, this is called an International Marriage or Marriage Overseas. Marriage that is legally performed in a foreign country is usually valid in Canada, and you do not need to register it in Canada. 

When you are abroad, Canadian consulate officials do not perform marriage ceremonies, and you cannot get married at a Canadian embassy or consulate. 

However, you must contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the country where you will get married to determine legal requirements. Canadian government offices abroad can provide information about laws, regulations, and requirements in that specific country. 

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If you are planning on getting married overseas, you need to be careful. Knowing your partner  and believing you will be together is not enough. You need to plan for worst-case scenarios like divorce or separation, and the implications it will have for the rest of your life. International marriage divorces can have serious consequences on your finances, your life, your ability to work, and even your family’s life. 

Plan ahead and stay prepared. 

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