Divorce & Separation

What is Parenting Coordination?

Often, during a separation or divorce, parents are further stressed due to the impact a divorce can have on children. KDK Legal provides parenting coordination to parents looking for a dispute resolution process that does not involve a Judge. Parenting coordination is voluntary, meaning both parents need to agree to the process. 

What does a parenting coordinator do?

A parenting coordinator helps parents resolve day-to-day conflicts about their parenting orders or parenting arrangements. They also help you speak with your spouse to try and agree on your parenting issues. If you can’t agree, they can decide for you. The process is similar to mediation-arbitration. Sometimes, a parenting coordinator cannot make major decisions. Parenting coordinators are trained to:

  • Understand the needs of the children involved
  • Help each parent discuss their parenting issues and arrangements
  • Help parents to manage and keep children out of conflicts

Parenting Coordination at KDK Legal

KDK Legal has parenting coordinators in Canada that can help you with your separation, divorce or custody issues. Our parenting coordinators work together with the lawyer and rest of the collaborative team as a holistic solution for your situation. Get in touch with us today to find out how a parenting coordinator can help. Call us at 306-546-4444 or email us here.


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