Counsel For Children

The Counsel for Children program is a program under the Government of Saskatchewan that appoints lawyers to children and youth involved with the Ministry of Social Services or with First Nations Child and Family Services. The court can order that a lawyer be appointed to a child or the child, a family member or a child protection worker can submit a request to have a lawyer appointed. Some examples of matters in which a lawyer may be appointed to a child include court proceedings after a child is apprehended, investigations leading to supervising orders or variations of existing child protection orders. According to the Government of Saskatchewan, the goal of the Counsel for Children program are as follows:


  • Ensure a child’s or youth’s voice is heard in child protection proceedings;
  • Provide timely appointments of counsel;
  • Establish best practices, supports, and standards for quality legal representation; and
  • Create a roster of lawyers with expertise and experience in this area of law.


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